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Honda Rider's Club (HRCA)

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Anyone that has a Honda and doesn't have their membership to HRCA is missing out IMO. It's in the ballpark of 40 bucks per year - and you get a quarterly magazine but more importantly the roadside assistance nationwide.

I had not received my new card and just got off the phone with HRCA, and as always they were courteous very helpful. - Now if the Honda dealership in Tallahassee was only so friendly....
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I am an HRCA member.. but I don't think I paid the extra for the roadside assistance. Maybe I better next time renewal comes around.
jeeps84 said:
You have to be very careful having your bike towed using any service. Most Tow truck drivers don't have a clue how to properly transport a bike with out causing damage or more damage.
Best thing to do is learn yourself how to put your bike on one of those little dolly's they usually have. That way you can show cletus how to throw it on there when ya pop a tire in backwoods arkansas :D
I think you are right thirdgen. I think I am confusing the HRCA coverage with the AMA membership, which you can pay extra to get in their Mo-Tow program.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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