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Houston Area Crash Fest

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So I hear on the radio of 2 new bikers who crashed, died on their way home from the dealership this weekend.

Heard another crash involving a HD, over the line head on into a car on a very popular twisty road, FM3090 passenger (biker chick= Road Rash chick)

Co-workers neighbor, lost control of son's sport bike, while riding in cul-de-sac and crashed into truck, broken arm, totaled bike, dented rental truck

Paper has a rider killed by red light runner

The general manager at a local HD dealership was involved in a 4 bike accident in a group ride.

Nobody crashed in the MSF class this weekend.

It was like crash fest this past weekend and I bet we all know the fair weather riders are to blame (otherwise known as the TU TU Club members)

Reasons why the TU TU Club doesn't ride...
1. It's TU Hot
2. It's TU Cold
3. It's TU Windy
4. It's TU Wet
5. It's TU Early in the morning
6. I got TU drunk last night.
The list goes on...

I so glad I rode out toward Austin... so I really didn't see many other bikers on the road... just we came within 30 miles of Texas A&M... and that was it...
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That really sucks to hear :nonod: It was the same thing down here a couple months ago, one weekend there were like 6 motorcycle accidents right in the local area. I don't know what it was, cuz there's usually not that many motorcycle wrecks (compared to all the car wrecks, at least). I can't remember if that was the same weekend the girl on a bike got killed in front of my house or not... that one was pretty bad
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