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how do i dress

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i am going to apply for little cezars ???? do i wear a tie and **** or what ???? idont know but i also am applying for railies so i need a tie for that dont i ?????

please respond asap i got to go in about 1 1/2 hours
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I gots a few questions for you Bull!!!

1) Where are your ultra liberal parents?
2) Shouldn't your father be helping you out on father son stuff??
3) Why don't you just know this stuff?

I'm just bustin' your ballz! :D
Bull, I understand, I guess TWF is being more and more like a "big brother" to you. You're like our real TWF youngin! :D

Good Luck with the interview! Remember, to work hard and often. That way you don't end up being a loser!
Good deal Bull! See, you like under our wing!! Just like my last thread I created about you!!

Words n stuff.....

:whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore:
jeeps84 said:
Good luck with the interview Bull.
Get that $$$$ rolling in and the bike will come.
1 - 6 of 34 Posts
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