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how do i dress

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i am going to apply for little cezars ???? do i wear a tie and **** or what ???? idont know but i also am applying for railies so i need a tie for that dont i ?????

please respond asap i got to go in about 1 1/2 hours
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ok cool im goin in kinda casuail and kinda dressy well see how it worksgot to leave in about ten minutes i hope i get the job
Gas Man said:
I gots a few questions for you Bull!!!

1) Where are your ultra liberal parents?
2) Shouldn't your father be helping you out on father son stuff??
3) Why don't you just know this stuff?

I'm just bustin' your ballz! :D
i kinda figured that i shouldent dress to decked out but i was just curious
my mom told me to wear the tie and i dident whant to so i figured id ask you guiys if i should
i dont really have a strong realtionship with the pops so i havent spoken to him in a while

by the way i went and the maneger is a chick that goes to my school so i will try to get some good word in from my friends :lol: and she just told me shed call and have an interview this weekend :thumbs:
yeah thats kinda funny b/c i got to admit i am kinda lazy as far as house work at home (dishes vacuming and lawn and stuff) but when i work for other people (coaches or people that are paying me or people i am just helping out) i dont stop until the work is done or everyone else stopted.... i dont know i just am reallly wierd about that lol i guess its good

yeah TWF is like a big bro you guys are3 cool :thumbs:
Gas Man said:
Good deal Bull! See, you like under our wing!! Just like my last thread I created about you!!
what is that ??? :skep:
never mind i gotcha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: it took me a sec but i gotcha :thumbs:
yeah lol i coulda edited it but i decided to :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore:
hey when i hit 800 i will go do my homework :lol: :lol: :lol:
2FURYUS said:
Bull, how did the interview go?
well i was kinda drressed up and stuff and then she just said they are interviewing this weekend so they will call
well i cant get the job b/c some *** is best friends with the manneger so i am going ALL OVER this weekend to look for a job

as soon as i get my first paycheck i am gettin the bike
GSXR750DJ said:
One paycheck, 16yrs old, and you will be getting yourself a bike. Please explain this one. :nonod:
okay well even though i NEVER SAID IT BEFORE my mom is going to take a loan out (for however much the bike i am getting is) and she will pay it in full with that then she wil have to make payments to pay off the loan so she will make payments from MY PAY CHECK!!!!!!!!! so dont give me any flame on this at all!!!!! i am (in the long run) payin for this by my slef

now that being said what should i do if i get a job this weekend (i am going to apply alll weekend
1)check out the sv650s my uncles friend is selling
2)buy a NEW GSF500 from the dealer ship
3) something else (elaberate)

i really whant it either new or from someone i KNOW has treated it good
thanx guys
Captain Morgan said:
Well, you would honestly do better with a used bike, at least financially.
1. Your payments would be lower because the total cost will be lower.
2. You won't lose money on depreciation as soon as you roll it out the door.
3. Because of no depreciation on a used bike, it will retain its value better, provided you take care of it and don't dump it.
4. The SV650 is cheaper and you won't grow out of it as fast, meaning you will get more for your money.

Now, since you have 7 years dirt experience, I would say to at least take the used SV650 for a test ride to see if you like how it feels, handles, etc. If you feel that it has too much power for you, then don't get it. Just make sure you're honest with yourself. And remember, street and dirt ARE different. Like these other guys have said, you will grow out of the 500 a lot faster than you will the SV650. And since the 500 would be new, you would lose more money on the deal.

NOW, if you happen to feel the 650 is a little too much for you to honestly handle (remember, you're going to be dealing with traffic and a month is hardly what I would consider "driving experience"), then I would suggest trying to find a USED 500, instead of buying brand new, for all of the reasons listed above. You have plenty of time to buy a new bike. Hell, I'm 31 and the 05 R6 is the VERY FIRST brand new vehicle I've EVER owned. Up until now, the newest vehicle I'd bought was 4 years old, and it was the 99 Katana.

Since your mom is getting the loan in her name entirely, there really is NO reason to buy a brand new bike.
ive benn driving for about 6 months and i think i am goin with the svs if i can and i will LOOK in the paper for an older models svs if this one dosent work out b/c ur rigjht i would get more from my money

oh i have about 8 years of dirt ... kinda not a diff. but just to clarify and i realise it is diff from street

thanx :dthumb:
i gotcha :thumbs:
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