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How do I post photos in the GALLERY?

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Step 1
You must first login to the site. Once logged in, go to the gallery.

Step 2
Once in the gallery, you must click "Upload Photos":

Step 3
Once you click on the "Upload Photos" link, you're brought to a new page where you categorize and BROWSE your system for the file(s) you want to upload.

Assign the photos to the appropriate category, then click the BROWSE button and locate the photos on your hard drive.

Step 4
When you've selected the photos you want, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.

Step 5
You'll then be brought to a new page where you may (optionally) choose additional categories for your photo. You may also (optionally) choose to enter a title and/or description.

Step 6
When you're done, click PROCESS FILES at the bottom of the page:

Step 7
Finally, you'll see a screen similar to that below:

You're done!

Troubleshooting: If you don't see the "Upload Photos" link, try logging out of the site, clearing your browser "cookies" and logging back in. Also, you can try clicking here: Upload Photos


Important Notes:
The number of photos you can upload is related to your membership status:

For more information, see here.

Also, please make sure the images adhere to the forum guidelines when using them in the discussion area of the forum.
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