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Who do you ride with ?

How do you roll ?

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I know of a few people that won't ride with there buddies and there friends because of bike style difference. Example being Rockets and other Sport Bikes only, no Cruisers, or vice versa. Just wondering what everyone's general opinion about that was. Personally, I don't care. if it has 2 wheels, I'm in. Although I prefer sportbikes just cuz we generally have more a need for speed and the twisties more so than the cruisers..but i'll ride with whoever if I get the chance.
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I generally only roll with sportbikes but that is only due to I know and reguarly ride with. I have rolled with a occasional cruiser and even a Hog as long as they keep up! Heck Rev, in WOS, rolls on a dual sport...
bumblebee said:
Man, it is so embarassing, I usually have to ride in the back with the cruisers until I learn to keep up!!! But it doesn't matter, It's all about the RIDE!! At least our group will wait for us at the stop signs.
Oh, don't get it twisted, WOS always waits for the stragglers...WOS members and not....
IG, don't do that, give her candy instead!!!
Need4Speed750 said:
he wheelied on his harley!!!!?? damn, u r a beast! ;)
No that isn't possible....Twisty shoed him how Twisty wheelies!!!
I love this part of the site...

One way of interpreting this (and if money is not an issue) is, if you're going to go more than 10 mph over the limit, you may as well go 39 mph over the limit.
Click Here

That's what I'm talkin about!!! :dthumb: But what about 120+ OVER the limit!!! :lol: That about what it was on that high speed DJ pass.... Speed Limit 55 9R 170mph ..... :whistle:
Sounds like you were riding with a close approx. club as WOS... I say close because nobody does it up WOS style!!! :lol:
1 - 6 of 29 Posts
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