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How hot is too hot to ride?

  • Over 105

    Votes: 23 16.2%
  • Over 100

    Votes: 25 17.6%
  • Over 95

    Votes: 25 17.6%
  • It's never too hot!

    Votes: 69 48.6%

How hot is too hot?

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When do you STOP riding, due to heat?
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You could go out naked and it still wouldnt make a difference!
its the humidity 87% that kills it really :cursin:
87%... that ain't bad...
when you get both the heat AND humidity in tripple digits, THAT's miserable.
That's a nice pooper :wink:
this will cool ya off
It's spelled wrong though... It' Kari Byron.
1 - 3 of 105 Posts
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