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How hot is too hot to ride?

  • Over 105

    Votes: 23 16.2%
  • Over 100

    Votes: 25 17.6%
  • Over 95

    Votes: 25 17.6%
  • It's never too hot!

    Votes: 69 48.6%
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This has been discussed elsewhere (Back_marker actually made some good points on this, I believe), but it's actually a myth that you'll be cooler without your jacket. There's a long explanation for it, but you're actually going to keep your body temp lower with your jacket on than with exposed skin (also, exposed skin loses moisture faster, which leads to dehydration).


Here's an interesting article that goes into more detail.

I've never decided to not go on a ride b/c it' too hot. I just pray for rain to cool me off at some point during the ride.
101 - 105 of 105 Posts
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