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How it all began for me

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HI guys,
I'm 39 yrs old and I took the MSF class last August in Hagerstown, Md. I've NEVER ridden a bike in my life but I always loved sportbikes. I always watch MOTOGP, ISLE OF MAN TT, etc. After the class, I end up being the Top Finisher. I couldn't believe it myself because I tried not to watch other people during the riding part of the test. My wife was even with me that last day to watch me. I love her and this is why. She's always been very supportive of me. Here's the best part. When I got my first bike (a used '01 R1) she was the one who went to MVA to get the tag so I can ride the next day (my dayoff). You know what? I NEVER really had any problem with my bike. I got up at 4:40 that morning because I was so anxious to ride it. I rode it around the block for about 10 minutes to get used to it. At 5:00am, I was on I270 heading towards Washington DC. I rode for over 100 miles that morning. Could have been more if I didn't have a doctor's appointment. to this day, I have ridden it for over 4,000 miles with no problem. I ride at night, I rode it a couple of days ago when it was really windy, I guess I just absolutely LOVE riding. This is a dream come true for me. Now I know what it's like when they say "there's nothing like it". I love your world. Question, how do you upload a photo in this section? I'd like to show you guys my ride. thanks.
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Just want to let you know that I live in Germantown, Md. I went to Hagerstown just to take the class because in Montgomery County, the next availabe class is not until this year. My first long trip will take place in April. Me and my riding buddy, a co-worker, will go to Niagara Falls just to have lunch and come back the same day. We'll take 15N all the way to 90, etc. I've driven that road more than 50 times in my car so I know the way pretty well. I always loved that road. Now, it's time to ride it on my blue and white R1. Will try to upload photo right now. Just got back from riding. It's now 11:09pm. Hopefully, it will be posted soon.
just uploaded 2 photos. hope it works. about the trip, it always takes me 7 hours to get there. will let you guys know how I did after the trip. that's why i've been taking trips on Sundays so I can increase the time gradually. last Sunday, i was in Pa. on a really windy day. longest I've ridden so far is 7 hours in one day and I was fine.
fnfalman, I know what you're saying about riding being a terrible addiction. I've ridden out there when it was 26 degrees at 5:30am. I wish I can do atleast 2000 miles or more a month, but I have 2 kids and I have to divide my time between them and my bike. I'm telling you man, THERE'S NOTHING LIKE IT. I'm addicted and there's no rehab for it.
thanks very much, guys. I really appreciate it. just got home from a 137 mile ride. it's 10:01pm now.
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