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how long before a track day??

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no not soon but i was looking at a leguna seca thing in december

do you think i will be able to do it or should i have more time then that before i do a track day???

please no flame gas man or anyothers im just asking and it is close to a year away

it is the very bottom

and would i need full leather or just jacket and gloves and boots and helmet??
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Well, if you ride in the beginner group with STT (which you will be required to do), you will not actually need to safety wire anything. However, I would HIGHLY recommend having a full set of leathers, but you MIGHT be able to rent a set as well. STT track days have beginner, intermediate, and advanced groups. You will obviously be in the beginner group, which is then broken up into various smaller groups depending on track/street experience. You will want to start at the lowest grouping of beginners. You can always change groups if the instructors feel you would be better suited a in a little more experienced group. Check on the availability of renting leathers from STT, but you will definitely want to buy gloves, boots and a good helmet. A back protector is not required for beginners, but I strongly advise it. Also, as mentioned above, make sure you can "afford to crash". Not that you will be riding all that hard, but you never know what can happen. Heck, you might be involved in an accident that isn't even your fault.
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Hey Bull, read all of the FAQ's, track information, policy/procedures & requirements on the left side of the STT webpage and you should be able to find all of the information that you need.
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