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how long before a track day??

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no not soon but i was looking at a leguna seca thing in december

do you think i will be able to do it or should i have more time then that before i do a track day???

please no flame gas man or anyothers im just asking and it is close to a year away

it is the very bottom

and would i need full leather or just jacket and gloves and boots and helmet??
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Low said:
I believe you should have no less then 5000 miles under your belt...
I had just under 3,000 went I did my first track day and then I started racing immediately after that because I was hooked. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages. It's like driver's licenses. Not everyone is mature enough at 16 to have a license, but some people are way mature and are fine.

The important thing to decide is are you comfortable with your bike. When you come to a stop sign, do you do everything automatically without thinking? (no more of that, ok "downshift, put foot down, grab brake....phew...I'm stopped"). Are you comfortable with taking turns, etc. Each person has to evaluate their own comfort level. Some people may be ready after 1,000 miles of street riding, others may take longer.

The most important part is have gear. Also, are you financially prepared if you crash? Do you have proper health insurance? Can you fix damage to your bike? The chances of crashing in a beginner group at a track day are slim, but I've seen it done. :)
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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