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How many of you advocate the MSF course(s) but haven't taken one?

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Count me as one. I was registered, then had to go out of town and cancelled. That's not to say I couldn't learn a whole lot from the course.
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I dont advocate it, it is an out dated course anyway.
Gas Man said:
While I can share some of Twisty's views on this...I still think it should be mandatory to get a MC endorsement. Too many squids getting on bikes with no knowledge on how to respect it and making my insurance rates increase!!!

You do not need this class to get you endorsement....
What is going around in circles go to help you with. Tons of people that have taken the class still can't ride...I dont want call people out but Trish is really scary...She is great girl but she makes nervous and I dont get nervous. I can keep going with people that shouldnt be on the road but until the class is updated there will always be squids.
Captain Morgan said:
Above all, people need to take their time, start out on a bike that is not too big, and practice the basics instead of just "jumping in" and riding.
You mean jumping in and wrecking... So many dick licks are getting to ride cycles and dont take it serious. It is very dangerous hobby, sport, and needs to be taking seriously. :bash:
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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