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How many of you advocate the MSF course(s) but haven't taken one?

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Count me as one. I was registered, then had to go out of town and cancelled. That's not to say I couldn't learn a whole lot from the course.
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I took a course before I got my license 30+ years ago... it wasn't MSF...I think it was by the Green Cross people. It taught me the most important thing I have ever learned and still practice today. Figure 8's and circles in the parking lot will make you a better rider and save your life
One of my employees just had to have a sportbike after he saw the Bee, that he ran out and borrowed money to buy a Yammr r-6. I had tried to tell him it was too much bike for a beginner but he had decided that if an old fat man could ride one, so could he. He had it about 3 weeks when he lost it out in the forest riding with a group he couldn't handle. They brought it in, in three pieces. Now he has no bike, dumba$$ had no insurance and owes 155 a month for the next 57 months for something he can't ride or fix. Now it's my fault and he wants me to help him get out from under. I make sure he sees me on the Bee every time I take it to work.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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