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How many of you advocate the MSF course(s) but haven't taken one?

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Count me as one. I was registered, then had to go out of town and cancelled. That's not to say I couldn't learn a whole lot from the course.
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While I can share some of Twisty's views on this...I still think it should be mandatory to get a MC endorsement. Too many squids getting on bikes with no knowledge on how to respect it and making my insurance rates increase!!!
Insurance break nothing!! I have completed a advance course, and a nationally known safety and defensive driving course thru work and they didn't even give me a thank you, let along a insurance break... :wtf:
I know you don't but you should have to...there is too many squids on the road!!
She took that??? Could have fooled me!!!
Exactly what you both said is right on! Just sit back and think about how many guys we've heard of that go a liter sized bike, w/o ever riding a street bike b4, and wadding it up with in the first 3-6 months! It happens all the F'in time! That's another reason why our insurance is so high.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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