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How much should Hurricane victims get?

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What sort of $$ settlement will government give to hurricane victims?
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jetskifast said:
Since average 9/11 victim recieved over $2 million in settlement from government. Most of these hand outs paid to White people.
Bet racially diverse population of NO will get much less :scratch:
Can't even compare the two events.

Anyone who takes this for anything other than trolling and attempts to provide serious replies, needs his head examined.

That is all.
jetskifast said:
Mike Brown former FEMA head warned white house of major disaster three days before Hurricane. Nothing done by white house :yikes:
Levee upgrade $$$ denied last five years under current administration :crazy: Current administration has cut FEMA personel 20% since taking office :whistle: Over thousand dead and counting for lack of disaster planning and personal.
Thanks Mr. President tax payer going to pay big time settlements :mad:
More trolling.

C'mon Ted. You can do better than this.

Pigface1 said:
Jetski is trolling his ass off like always, yet this is where one of the mods step in and say, "Come on, guys. Can't we all just get along?" :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Then the warning IMs go out..... :lol:
Pigface1 said:
I guess the words, "common denominator" passed some by. :yikes: :lol:

I don't care what anyone says....I actually find jetski entertaining. They should reinstate him over at the CF. All of his aliases. :lol:

I might actually start a campaign if I didn't think it would get locked in about 5 seconds.... :willy: :lol:
Pigface1 said:
He's a perpetual trainwreck, you know what's coming, but you watch anyway. :readng:
jetskifast said:
Saint, post counts would go thru roof if I came back ;)
Just think about it, when I started on CF had maybe 1000 members. When I left about 50,000 members.
You mean when they tossed your ass out. And besides, 75% of that 50K was Big Ted aliases!!! :lol:

jetskifast said:
Any forum I post to, view counts on my threads are high :cheers:
Gotta agree with that one, man. But remember.....the biggest attraction at the circus is usually the freak show! :lol:

Remember the old days...."Paging Sushi Dave" threads...... :lol:
1 - 7 of 54 Posts
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