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How much should Hurricane victims get?

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What sort of $$ settlement will government give to hurricane victims?
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They should get some emergency funding to cover immediate expenses for shelter, food and transport. After that, they get any insurance settlement from policies they carried and then, they are on their own.

When drought or floods or storms ruin my crops, and hence, my income...I become eligible for government sponsored low interest loans, but those have to be paid back. I don't think they are entitled to anything else.
jetskifast said:
Vote for whats best for country :pat:
Some of these appointments this joker is making, makes our system look like a joke :disapp:
Mike Brown former Horse show offical, appointed to lead FEMA :crazy:
Norris Alderson veterinarian, appointed to lead Office of Women's Health for FDA :crazy: List goes on and on :yaewn:
Appointments without experience to lead major departments starting to hurt good old boy image ;)
Iraq another sad story :mad:
This argument won't stand up...Too many career bureaucrats in FEMA that didn't/couldn't do their jobs for one political appointee to screw the entire operation up.

Problem was the First Responders on the ground in New Orleans were not prepared or equiped to do their jobs. There was no plan, no organization and no infrastructure to handle the storm and floods. Mayor, Police Super. Fire Super. were impotent and incompetent. The City was so politically corrupted that any disaster, Hurricane, terror attack, Mississippi River flooding like early 90's could have caused levees to flood and result would have been the same, probably worse. At least with a Hurricane, the majority of people got out.

All news is local and all politics are local. FEMA is not an "on the ground" relief operation. it is supposed to coordinate and "fund" efforts between local, state and federal responders. Problem here, local and state agencies sat on butts crying "help us" and expected FEMA to do everything. Which is typical of welfare state and lifestyle.
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