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How much should Hurricane victims get?

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What sort of $$ settlement will government give to hurricane victims?
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The Saint said:
$10 food stamps and a couple of 40s...
The debit cards they were given were typically used at strip clubs. Just give them a $10 debit card, wtf are they going to do with food stamps?
GsxrJack said:
dont know what your trying to say but it would help if you knew what you were talking about
Oh, c'mon. That's never stopped him from posting before. :lol:
jetskifast said:
Mike Brown former FEMA head warned white house of major disaster three days before Hurricane. Nothing done by white house :yikes:
I watched the hearing and that's not what happened. Nagin and Blanco were warned by FEMA, yet they didn't agree with each other.
The Saint said:
Anyone who takes this for anything other than trolling and attempts to provide serious replies, needs his head examined.
"Personally, if you live in an area where natural disasters occur, and you are not insured for it, get hit by whatever, and expect to get paid for it; well sorry pal next time you should re-think that one. "

Bingo. Nobody wants to take responsibility for anything anymore. Nagin should be thrown in prison, but even his dumbass is pointing at everone else.

When I was in Andrew, people got the hell out of town. That has been the same for every other hurricane for as long as I can remember. But nope, not in New Orleans. Nagin, Blanco, and the rest of the local gov't failed miserably and now they want to point the blame.

Jetski, I hate to bother your trollishness with facts, but the state has to set up a HQ and then give FEMA directives. That wasn't done. The city of New Orleans has known for DECADES that there was a danger with the levees breaking. Once again, nothing was done. Blanco didn't even order her OWN national guard in until a day after everything started.

Don't get me wrong, FEMA is a joke. However, if people are going to sit around thinking the gov't is going to hold their hand everytime something goes wrong, then they're sorely mistaken. And in some cases totally f'd.

New Orleans became such a welfare state that for generations nobody had to do anything on their own. Everything was a handout. Couple that with the fact Nagin ordered everyone in the NO jails to be released, well, you've got a **** bomb that nobody can fix. Of course, it's always easier to blame someone else.
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Jetski is trolling his ass off like always, yet this is where one of the mods step in and say, "Come on, guys. Can't we all just get along?" :lol:
snadamo said:
he copped out like everyone else down there, looking for a scapegoat, and who else better to blame than the President? Stop arguing the miniscule details man...
It's funny how he gets so worked up about this, yet he never takes the time to go back and look at the millions (billions over the years) of dollars thrown away on pork.
The Saint said:
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Then the warning IMs go out..... :lol:
I guess the words, "common denominator" passed some by. :yikes: :lol:
He's a perpetual trainwreck, you know what's coming, but you watch anyway. :readng:
jetskifast said:
Saint, post counts would go thru roof if I came back ;)
Just think about it, when I started on CF had maybe 1000 members. When I left about 50,000 members.
Any forum I post to, view counts on my threads are high :cheers:
Just remember, we're laughing at you, not with you. :lol: :cheers:
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