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How much should Hurricane victims get?

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What sort of $$ settlement will government give to hurricane victims?
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the families of the people that died in 9/11 got that money and had to sign under oath that they would not sue the airlines or us goverment etc.....that is why the 9/11 victims families got money///people that survived did not get a red cent from the dont even go there saying that most of them got money because they were white, you dont know what your talking about.....

the hurricane victims are out of homes because of a natural disaster,,,,,the families of those that died are not getting a "settlement" fromt he goverment, only the survivors are getting a small amount of money (2,000 charge cards for starters) to help them get on their feet...not one survivor of 9/11 received a payout from the us goverment , unless they personnaly sued someone ......

dont know what your trying to say but it would help if you knew what you were talking about
jetskifast said:
Mike Brown former FEMA head warned white house of major disaster three days before Hurricane. Nothing done by white house :yikes:
Levee upgrade $$$ denied last five years under current administration :crazy: Current administration has cut FEMA personel 20% since taking office :whistle: Over thousand dead and counting for lack of disaster planning and personal.
Thanks Mr. President tax payer going to pay big time settlements :mad:
"Levee upgrade $$$ denied last five years under current administration "

that statement is complete bull**** :tt:

well since you want to bring up this bull****, the state of LA, has had over 2 billion dollars set aside over the years (15 or more), from the federal goverment (the last 3 or 4 presidents) and it has always managed to use that money for more important things like upgrading state owned buildings etc...the lack of upgrading the levies is not Bush's fault, it is the states fault and they are led by a bunch of numbskulls over the years.........

now why are you jumping subjects about how much the people in LA are getting compared to the people that died in 9/11...did you not forget that the victems families got the payoff (since the people had died) and that not one survivor from 9/11 got a dime...compared to the thousands that the people of LA are going to get for being left there by a stupid govoner and a numbskull mayor.....the blame is state wide...did fema make mistakes , yes,but those mistakes are pail in comparison to the mistakes the state and city made.....they had hundreds of busses that were underwater, and you can bet your ass they would have been used if this was an election, to cart old people to the polls....yet when the sick and the old needed those busses to save their lives, they just sat there, unused and people died...not because of the president or fema , but because of the govener of LA.....

again, dont post unless you have at least a clue to what your talking about,
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Pigface1 said:
I watched the hearing and that's not what happened. Nagin and Blanco were warned by FEMA, yet they didn't agree with each other.
exactly, i too have been watching the hearings...this will all come out if not at this hearing but at a private investigation that the Dems want...the state and mayor dropped the ball big time, and then she goes crying like a little girl instead of leading the state and taking charge...... :disapp:

and to the ladies, you know, or at least you should know, that i am the most pro-women person on this forum....but i will not hesitate to call it like it dont think im some male chavonistic
jetskifast said:
This must be lie :lol:
Also plenty of injured during 9/11 recieved government hand outs :crazy:
Average payout for injured $400K
Also once FEMA gets involved, FEMA takes lead on operation :dthumb:
Jack you may want to get clue before you post ;)
someone injured on 9/11, like i said about people suing privatly, is not the same as someone just losing their home in a flood and getting money from the goverment, so i will say it again, no one that was not killed , or sued privately got one red cent from 9/11 while those in new orleans will get thousands, even though they were not even hurt.........

I dont have to go to fact squandered billions of dollars that should have been put towards the levies over the last 15 years, to say Bush or the goverment didnt give them the money to repair them is complete bull****......

and if you want to start quoting the times for your anti bush crap, then ill start quoting Rush Limbaugh's site to refute everything you say......
jetskifast said:
Jack, government report says average payout $400K for those injured not killed in 9/11.
You are also forgetting the death count in NO. Did you also know Bush cut FEMA personel by over 20% after taking office. Plenty of screw ups by everybody down south. Major screw up poor planning, starting from the top with FEMA. In the end tax payer will be paying out $Billions to people who deserve it and those who donot :scratch:
again, let me spell it out to you....the money that was given to victems of 9/11 was given to the families so that they would not all sue the airlines that allowed the planes to be hijacked for the poor joe blow that worked in the twin towers and got out alive and uninjured he received nothing...$000.00 from the the poor bastards from new orleans that got out in plenty of time and lost their home , or maybe didnt even lose their home, they have already received 2,000 debit cards from the goverment....

dont start going off subject and blaming bush for all your problems in life and that of the world...your post just wanted to say that the people of 9/11 got 2 million dollars and the poor folk in NO got hardly just telling you your wrong and dont have a clue....
pickle.of.doom said:
WHat cracks me up is that people actually believe things would be any different with the other side in office... They are all crooked ass politicians, doesn't matter which side of the donkey's ass they are on....
thats correct...thats why i have never ever voted.....I dont bitch about our leaders cause i know if the other guy got in, it would still be the same....even though i do like some of the things that bush has done....
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