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how to install a gpr stabilizer?

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hello, i just got my new steering stabilizer "gpr" for my 05 ninja zx-6r 636.

i cant figure out how to install it? any help is appreciated.
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Did it come with a mounting kit? I hope so. My scotts was real easy. It took like 15 minutes. Take triple clamp center nut off, put the mounting bracket on, us the replacement nut with blue lock tight, Tighen small hex screws down around mounting bracket with lock tight, add the new mount with the post where the top of the gas tank screws down, put damper on top of mounting bracket and screw down with the mounting screws and us lock tight.

I can't stress this enough. USE LOCK TIGHT ON ALL SCREWS AND NUTS. The scotts manaul that came with my damper stated that the screws "WILL" not might but "WILL" losen up if lock tight is not used.

Good luck.

You can also check here.
slam150 said:
my biggest problem is finding the nut to re-tighten the triple clamp center nut. i cant find the size socket??? what size is it, does anyone know?
Should be 32mm. As long as the 05 is the same as the 04. Just go to sears and pick up a 32 and a 34 then bring them both back and say they are the wrong ones.:dthumb:
slam150 said:
well i took the bolt off with a monkey wrench, and good god, it was a 36mm socket, good god thats a big ass nut.
Ya, 36 I don't think they make a 34mm socket:sorry: Make sure you gert a torque wrench to put it back on. I had to get one, they are only like $18.:dthumb:
This is what I got.
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jeeps84 said:
:withstupi Looks good too, :dthumb: except that rusty bolt.
Ya I'm still waiting on Scotts to email me back on that one.:tt:
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