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how to install a gpr stabilizer?

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hello, i just got my new steering stabilizer "gpr" for my 05 ninja zx-6r 636.

i cant figure out how to install it? any help is appreciated.
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Didn't it come with de-structions?
:withstupi Locktite is your friend on all your MC parts as long as they don't touch plastic!

Cause we all know that Loctite eats plastic!
slam150 said:
my biggest problem is finding the nut to re-tighten the triple clamp center nut. i cant find the size socket??? what size is it, does anyone know?
Its big... go to Sears on the bike and go inside and get some sockets!
A good torque to specs is very important!
Scotts! Only the best!!


What is the mount on the gas tank for? Camera?
Yeah that is actually the pivit pin... but yeah that looks like heck!
Yeah that should do it.

Maybe you need to rattle their cage a bit more. I find that the rusty/squeeky bolt gets the most attention.... pun intended! :D
jeeps84 said:
Your probably right Slam but, I prefer the Scotts also.
:withstupi that's pretty much how I feel. Why not mount up the ebst you can get! Plus I think Jeeps will be removing the piston style off the 2k5 1K for a Scotts.... so he's doing the same thing over and over again.

You'll also hear guys like Twisty that will full out endorse a Scotts. Maybe for different reasons and not putting down the others but nevertheless...
That is curious isn't it Jeeps!
1 - 10 of 28 Posts
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