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how to start practicing wheelies

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how do i go about starting to learn how to pop wheelies? i want to learn but dont want to flip the bike. any opionions?
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jeeps84 said:
If you don't want to flip the bike. Don't try them. :2cents:
Do a search of this forum and you can find several threads on this. :luck:

Also, how many years and miles do you have under your belt in riding?
Yes...the rear brake is your friend..... just ask Twisty!!
I have to agree with Jeeps. I think you're a newbie to the sportbike riding if not riding in general. I know we have been talking about stoppies in the other thread but you really need to get more comfortable with the bike and your ability before you start trying all of this crazy stuff!
Do a search on BULLDOG. all you need to know
:lol: :nonod: :D
Bouncing it... he means... you roll on the throttle to get the front end to unload a bit... close the throttle then whip it back Wide Open and up up and away most bikes will go!

On any bike say 750 n up... just a snap of the throttle in first or sometime second will bring the front up and sometimes up FAST!
Very good write up Marsolais!!

And Oldtym... I'm with you. I hate hearing people say "well I rode dirt bikes for ever, so I can handle a street bike". TOTALLY not true! Yes it gives you some better backgroung in balancing and such but they are totally different. The big factor is the speed and how you toss the bikes. Its one of my pet peeves with newbies... another prime example is Bulldog, not to pick on him, but so others learn from his mistakes...

He was young, a dirtbike rider, and thought he could do it all including stunting after only a week on the street. He did ok till... $H*T happened!!
1 - 6 of 32 Posts
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