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how to start practicing wheelies

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how do i go about starting to learn how to pop wheelies? i want to learn but dont want to flip the bike. any opionions?
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slam150 said:
now... THATS FUNNY :wink:

WELL, I want to start early, its hard not to want to do trix when the people around you are all doing them. all the guys i ride with do wheelies and trix while were riding and im the only guy who cant do them. :cry:

I nkow exactly how you feel. I am beginnier also, and ride with more experienced people. Whats even harder is that they taunt me to put it up on one all the time. I just tell them im not comfortable enough yet and dont feel like wadding up the bike yet. Personally, I dont think I know the physics and my riding abililty well enough to start doing wheelies, and was going to wait until I get out and ride more. I figure the one time I try it out when Im pressured into it, is the one time the bike goes crash and I play superman for a few seconds.

Im close, but not there yet. Id wait until you break the bike in at least. but to each his own, do what you want. :luck: :dthumb:
Do a search on BULLDOG. all you need to know

I hate to sound mean but good call...:yesnod:

That origianlly get to me about waiting till I know Im more experienced
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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