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Hello All,

Just got my first motorcycle (from a private seller) - a 2007 UM V2C 650S - everything checked out, I am excited about it and took it out on the highway.. love the feeling of freedom a motorcycle brings!!!

As I neared my home, my turn signals and flasher stopped working - they were working fine when I checked out the bike a couple of days earlier, and when I started my 25 mile trip back home. The head and brake lights work fine. I also noticed a constant clicking sound when I activate the turn signals. The clicking turns off when I push off the signal switch.

I thought it was the relays, but the bike has 3 relays which are exactly the same - signal light, head light, side stand (i think). I've tried switching them all one at a time but the turn signals/flasher still does not work.

Here is a pic of the 3 relays found in the battery compartment:

Could anyone guide me to some detailed directions on how to go about checking this out and fixing it? Could it be the switch itself? I was planning on learning to fix things up myself, but did not expect to start the first day.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, would anyone know where to find a manual for this bike so I can keep up with routine maintenance and checks myself?

Thanks all.. looking forward to learning a great deal about motorcycles from here.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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