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Ecosse Heretic

ECOSSE-Baker transmission: ultra-compact design
World's best Big Twin drivetrain specialist Highly engineered, handcrafted 6-speed Positive, predictable shift action Engineered specifically for the Heretic's massive torque.

ISR Performance Brakes: stop on a dime
Machined from solid billet aluminum. Dual 6-piston, 320mm front brakes with 12 individual pads for maximum braking power. 2-piston, 260mm rear. Predictable and accurate one-finger braking.

Handcrafted exhaust: first of its kind
Crossover designed for maximum torque Rich, distinctive, throaty sound.

Patrick Racing engine: smoothest American V-Twin
45-degree American V-Twin. Hand built, blueprinted and balanced to ECOSSE specs. Machined from solid billet aluminum. Dynamically balanced crank for a smoother ride - less vibration, better performance, greater longevity.

O-Z wheels: world rally technology
17" forged and machined aluminum: silver, gold, black Any powder coat color available at additional charge.

Carbon fiber bodywork: feather light, strong, exotic
4 gallon fuel tank made of a carbon/kevlar/fiberglass matrix for "crushability" factor and longevity. Entire outer layer is carbon fiber. Tail, fenders, headlight bucket all crafted from three layers of carbon fiber pulled from solid billet molds for desired consistency.

Öhlins forks: dive in
Fully adjustable front suspension: preload, compression damping, rebound damping, ride height. Plush, precise steering for easy cornering.

Öhlins rear suspension: supreme comfort
Custom/fully adjustable rear shock. Choose your riding position: road racer, cruiser, dragster. Quick-adjustment system for tuning on the fly. Ideal for passengers: just turn the knob for more preload or less sag.

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2FURYUS said:
IMO, it would look better w/o the big cans on stickin out the back. :lol: :tt:
I think some carbon fiber cans would help with that. The head pip high up would put off some heat but, with the rearsets where they are. I doughty it would be an issue except trying to back and walk the hot bike around.

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Eh... :skep: :yaewn: :yaewn: :yaewn: :skep:
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