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I beat Bumblebee to this one..

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This is sad, very sad...

Family Run Over By SUV

Two little girls are hit and killed by an SUV in Juarez.

It happened around 3:00 Friday morning.

The Customs and Border Protection Port Director tells KFOX that a 19 year old male allegedly ran over a family of street vendors.

According to the Port Director, two girls aged 4 and 5 were killed in the accident.

Their mother, a 2 year old baby, and an 11 year old child were injured.

CBP officers say they discovered a baby stroller underneath the SUV, on the Bridge of the Americas.

El Paso Police have detained the teen driver, and are currently working with Juarez police to determine his fate.

Speed is believed to be a factor in the accident.

**The kids mother who hit the family said to the news station, "My son is a good kid. He has never done anything wrong. He should not be in jail. His bail should not be $100,000."

Mexico police said that he will probably be extrodited to Mexico and tried for double-homicide for killing the two girls. They have also found that the 19 year old was DWI. (Juarez, Mexico has a bar that $10.00 U.S. gets you anything to drink, all night long with no drinking age)
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SVupON1 said:
hmm drinking age....

That is just in Juarez, Mexico. I think that like everywhere else is like 16. That is why El Paso, Texas instituted a curfew for anyone under 18 at 10pm. All the High School and some Middle School kids were caught coming back over the border drunk off their a$$es.
:iagree: :iagree: . You know the funny thing. Here on Fort Bliss, they have the drinking age at 18 but everywhere off the installation is 21. The General in charge of the installation said, "If you're old enough to fight for your country and vote for it, then you should at least be able to drink." However, if you drink on post, get drunk, then go out to the clubs and drink, then get caught comin' on post drunk, they get you for DUI/DWI and Underage Drinking.
That's what I said also. But mom is pleading with the U.S. Government not to send him over to Mexico.

Wonder if they would do the same for us? Like if someone from Mexico murdered or was murdering people in the U.S. and the Mexican authorities knew where they were, would they send them to us?

I watched a program on tv yesterday that that happened in like the areas all around this part of the country. Some guy was using the railroads to get around and was murdering people along the railroad. Made it a game with police. I think it took the FBI like 18months to catch him and it cost like hundreds of thousands of dollars and manhours.
jeeps84 said:
I'm not sure about sending a 19 year old American to a Mexican jail but, He did the crime he still needs to do the time. :2cents:

Where else are we supposed to put him? We got people from other countries in our jails. My friend is in a local jail, said that over half the population is Mexican or some form of Spanish from Latin-South America. The ones he talks to say they love being in jail in the U.S. cause it's much like the Armed Forces : 3 hots and a cot! Better living then they had back home...

So why not send him to Mexico where he committed the crime. Unless you want to get technical and say, "Well, he was on the bridge coming over to the U.S."

However, if you say that, they CLEARLY mark the borderline between Mexico and the U.S. so that would be no contest as he hit them on the Mexican side.
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