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I got it today!!

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Been riding all day, just got back...Picked up a 2000 Katana 750 earlier this afternoon, and had a blast all day on it..real nice, quick, all around beast, perfect condition..Im totally happy..will put pics up soon.. :D
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BusaBabe said:
Your trip sounds like a pain in the butt. Is your friend with the 5 year old battery on this site? I'd like to talk to him! Even I know thats an old battery. He needed this :helpme:
Hello BusaBabe. I am now on the site and very much enjoy the site. I have since then replaced the battery. I didn't find out that it was a 5yr old battery till it happened and called the guy I got the bike off of. Since then, it has ran great for me and no worries or problems since then. On another note, the front comes up very easily and I like it. :)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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