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i hate ebay

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well i cant say that but i had all the parts i need expecting to win and everything, because i had like 30 bucks over bid on them and i went to work, came back and it says you have lost the bid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

**** i need those parts now i can find a shifter and bracket set..... but i already have another rim in process of bidding and i WILLLLLL WIN that all i NEED is a left blinker a tail light and shifter and bracekt
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I thought I had words of encouragement for Bull. Are we deleting posts again? :bash: :dupe:

At any rate, the true value of something on eBay is what an individual places on it. Stuff goes for over retail value all the time there. I know this because I sell it! :yikes:
Take for example a somewhat rare CD I sell. I drop ship directly from which any monkey could go to and order. Yet for whatever reason people think they get the best deal on ebay. So my purchase price of $10.49 goes for $17+ on eBay, I'd say thats a decent margin for a few minutes work. :dthumb:
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