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i hate ebay

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well i cant say that but i had all the parts i need expecting to win and everything, because i had like 30 bucks over bid on them and i went to work, came back and it says you have lost the bid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

**** i need those parts now i can find a shifter and bracket set..... but i already have another rim in process of bidding and i WILLLLLL WIN that all i NEED is a left blinker a tail light and shifter and bracekt
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The rule is simple if your not going to be there at the auctions end, then really consider how much your willing to pay with shipping included and it is the right item all questions asked t's crossed and I's dotted and place your max bid and let it run it's course. If you loose someone else over paid. You didnt. Feel good about that and go to the next one. Dont bid war your way past retail for a used part. :dthumb:
Ace said:
I thought I had words of encouragement for Bull. Are we deleting posts again? :bash: :dupe:

At any rate, the true value of something on eBay is what an individual places on it. Stuff goes for over retail value all the time there. I know this because I sell it! :yikes:
Take for example a somewhat rare CD I sell. I drop ship directly from which any monkey could go to and order. Yet for whatever reason people think they get the best deal on ebay. So my purchase price of $10.49 goes for $17+ on eBay, I'd say thats a decent margin for a few minutes work. :dthumb:
Not saying your wrong, I was just thinking more in the lines that what he is looking to buy is used. I would not recommend winning a bid over New Item retail cost.
I havent bought a cd in so long I actually thought they were $15.00 to $18.00 anyhow so that wouldnt look so out of wack to me. I still wouldnt buy because shipping would kill the deal. Knowing or should I say thinking I could get it for & 17.00 at a local store. Your idea prolly is great on select Items.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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