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I have an idea?!?

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Look out, I'm thinking here...this could get ugly.

I know a lot of you guys/gals have technical questions about stuff relating to your bikes/mechanics/etc. I wonder if we could get the powers that be here at Two Wheel Forum to hook up an "ask speedwerks" section. We've been building, tuning, and riding bikes for over 10 years, and we know what works and what doesn't. Heck, we've tried it all. Maybe I could set up an email address for you to send in your questions and we could answer about ten a month and put them up on the site. It's just a thought. It may prove helpful down the road for people searching for advice.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Could it work? Not work?
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I think it would be a good idea. But I think many owners who have a bike under warranty don't want to make any technical adjustments. And those with bikes out of warranty feel they are too inexperienced to do tech work.

I've done all kinds of work on my 1979 Suzuki because the shop manual is extremely detailed. There's hundreds of pictures and explicit instructions. Now my 1990 Honda on the other hand requires two shop manuals, a specific model and a common manual. They refer you back and forth between manuals and they use just a few line drawings. Plus they have the dreaded "install the part in the reverse order of removal". I just ordered a Haynes manual to see how it is. Expert guidance is always helpful in performing maintenance and hop-ups.
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