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I might as well start now... ready the bike for cold

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handguards on a SV

I want to get a head start on my cold weather mods and gear. Last winter nearly took my fingers.

Im looking for handguard solutions for my '02 SV650N. Preferrable ones that attach to the bar end, as most enduro and MX types attach to the bar in places that i dont have open. Buell types dont look like they will bolt up how i need em either. Anyone have a V strom or DRZ with guards? They are an option on the DRZ but i dont know how the fit up. And ive seen some pics of some on V stroms but no info on who what when where or how. Looked at alot of touring sites and am not too encouraged. ANY help at all is appreciated.

I am looking at heated hand grips and a wind screen to help me out this year too.

:cheers: -jesse
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:yikes: Bark busters on a SV :scratch:
Nice gloves!
What kind of price for those?
Thanks, Ill look into some. Give us a review after a cold ride.
Do you off road that SV. :scratch: Take a blower or something to that trunk. Pleas! :wink: :lol:
Take'em when they offer. Good stuff and not cheap. I would have had it done professionally and sent them the bill. I guess its to late for that now.
Oh yes, It gets cold in the desert.

I've never used anything other than winter clothing but, I don't ride to work either. Just for enjoyment. My commute to work is only a few hundred feet.:D Only thing better than that would be working out of the house which I sort of do also. :whistle:
Gas Man said:
Yeah, but you know you have to go out there and start up that big boy in the winter... :cursin: :lol: Get some heated gloves for that! :D
It plugs in to the house. Fuel, oil, and coolant warmers for those cold nights. I just get in, start it up and go. The heater is ready for action. :dthumb:
Gas Man said:
Actually pretty standard.... but I still see most guys let those trucks run for a while!
I do also. With fuel prices, its going to be allot less. :cursin:
You can get block heaters and water heater for cages also. I'm guess, most of the northern hemisphere already knows about this stuff.
1 - 8 of 33 Posts
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