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I ***** outed

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Only took bike 576 miles today :whistle:
Will make rest of trip in morning :cheers:
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Stay safe...and when you find someplace cool...record it on your gps and send us the coordinates so we can look it up... :dthumb:
hooters_on_two_wheel said:
oh biggie...if any of ya'll want my pix...just let me know or send me your Email addy and I'll send them to you.....

Send them to [email protected] and I will post them for you... :dthumb:
Yo pig!! Where ya been?? Haven't seen ya in a month...Don't they have internet at the asylum??? :lol:
hooters_on_two_wheel said:
I sent you my pix through email...thanks

And what lovely pics they are...
Pigface1 said:
:lol: Bumblebeetuna. . I've just been busy and haven't been riding much, so haven't been on the bike forums lately. 100+ and humid here isn't much fun to ride in for me.

How've you been?

been upper 90's here too...80's at night...Ya just appreciate the tropical rains every afternoon...been trying to ride the wheels off every chance I get!!! You've been missed...
hooters_on_two_wheel said:
LOL well if you want that...I can send you some of me, before I got pregnant!!

OK, we have the, about the end of October, you'll have to post some "after" pics...After the 8th month that is... :dthumb: :lol:
Ace said:
:nonod: I think she was asking if that was a challenge as in "can you really 'hit it" like its never been hit before". But I think your response provided the appropriate answer for her. :bash: :lol:
A man wakes up one morning with a huge erection that just won't go away. After a couple of days, he is really concerned, so he puts on the baggiest pair of trousers he can find and heads for the drug store. He enters the store and goes to the pharmaceutical section. The lady there asks if she might help him. He asks to see a male pharmacist. The woman tells him that there is no male pharmacist. The man starts to leave. The woman says, "Wait a minute, sir, I am a registered pharmacist, as is my sister, and we own the store. We are very professional and discreet and accustomed to personal problems of all kinds." The guy is desperate. He edges up to the counter, unzips his trousers, and gets out his rather stiff member. He then says, "What can you give me for this?" The woman says, "How long has it been that way?" The man responds, "Almost three days." The woman says, "I will have to consult with my sister, and I'll be right back. She leaves and returns in a few minutes. The man asks, "What did you decide?" She says, "The best we can do right now is $5,000 and a half interest in the drug store."
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Yo Jetski...did it come with training wheels??? It looks like you can barely touch the ground...
ShanMan14 said:
It IS on the sidestand. :wink:

That's the stand... :yikes: I thought it was his "calf of steel"... :sorry:
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