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I ***** outed

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Only took bike 576 miles today :whistle:
Will make rest of trip in morning :cheers:
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Ya Jetski...what the $h*t?
SVupON1 said:
keep the pics commin Jet! :dthumb:
jetskifast said:
Gas, want the sexy pictures of this old guy, bike included :lol:
:yikes: :nonod: :nonod: :nonod:

I don't want pics of you!!! NOOOO!!!!!

hooters_on_two_wheel said:
LOL.....ya'll are mean!!!
Not me!!! I just don't want pics of him... pics of hott :drool: chicks or pics of bikes...but not pics of guys!! :nonod:
That will work... post em up or send them or whatever you want... I never deny pics of hot chicks... <insert horn dog smilie>
Ace said:
Thats cause GM wants them sent to him for his private collection. PERV!!!! :lol:
Yeah so!! :lol: :lol:

It don't matter IT... it's not a big deal... I'll just download some more porn pics off Ace's PC... :lol:
Ace said:
:sorry: :lol: yes it was suppose to be a compliment. Your very perty. Is this any better?
Yep she's pretty dang fine if you ask me!!

But I like this pic better...
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Challenge of what? I just like my pic better than the funny one Ace posted...
hooters_on_two_wheel said:
I was referring to the qoute in your pic!!!!
Anytime girl!! You're a hottie!! :dthumb:
hooters_on_two_wheel said:
awwwwww..... :dthumb: thanks....I'll keep the offer in mind :hug:
Sweeeeetttt!! <insert happy humping smilie> :lol:
That would be the one! :lol:
I love the socks and sandles look...very classic especially with the Kerry Edwards sign in the back ground.... just great jetskit... :lol:

But remember I'm trying to laugh with you not at you!

Another thread that is going to get nothing accomplished. This one is being closed down... it's starting to go towards member bashing and it is definately well into meaningless postwhoring
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1 - 13 of 81 Posts
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