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I own a Timber company???

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:rofl: Wanna buy some wood? That was awesome :smash:

Of course Kerry mentioning he was an alter boy was steller as well :D
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That was too funny. Kerry once again proves he is an idiot. He has all these magical plans and he is going to "wave" his magic wand and fix the world - get the f**k out of here waffle boy. Oh and you are a Catholic? Catholics are adamantly opposed to any and ALL abortion - you can't be Catholic and support partial birth abortions idiot.
and to think Al Gore is still wondering why we can't count all the votes.. lol..
You can't be Catholic and support abortions. It is just not feasible. I know people do but that doesn't make it right. Their stance is clear - NO abortions for any reason whatsoever and I adamantly agree - you are toying with God's plan and it is not right. I would vote for mid-life abortions though and clean up the gene pool a little by eliminating some idiots around here that are like 20-40 years old.. lol..

But you can't be Catholic and support abortions. Not if you are a true Catholic. It would be like saying you are Michael Jackson but you don't like little boys - come on now.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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