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Icon Field Armor Boots

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I just got a pair. For the money, they're very well built.

Here's what I ran into. The toe box of the boot is quite thick, and I have a hard time getting it under my shifter lever.

I don't have giant feet or anything, they're size 10.

I have adjusted the lever up as far as it will go. However, it's still not quite right.

What are my options? A longer and/or higher shifter lever? I think if it gets too high, it's going to be strange during downshifts.

I really want to keep these boots!
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They are stiff, but man, talk about protection!
ebbs15 said:
Yeah I've seen those... definatly look like they'd protect ya... but no my style... they look HEAVY... :disapp:
They really aren't too heavy. Just really stiff.

They have zippers on the sides, so, theoretically, you can set the buckles & laces up the way you like them, then just unzip to get out of them.

However, that's not the case. You still have to undo the laces to get them to open up far enough to get your foot back in.
I turned the adjusting rod so the shifter lever moved up some. What's the other adjustment on there?
Thanks. I think I'll give that a try.
After some shifter lever adjustments and about an hour on the bike, I have decided that the boots just don't work for me. So, if anyone wants some nearly new Icon Field Armor boots, I have them up on EBay:
R1up0n1 said:
I always try to sell things for free advertising first before I go to ebay.:2cents:
Point taken. I'll do that from now on. If anyone wants to buy them before I get a bidder, I can cancel the auction.

How about this: free shipping to TWF members!
Price dropped to $50.
1 - 8 of 24 Posts
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