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I just got a pair. For the money, they're very well built.

Here's what I ran into. The toe box of the boot is quite thick, and I have a hard time getting it under my shifter lever.

I don't have giant feet or anything, they're size 10.

I have adjusted the lever up as far as it will go. However, it's still not quite right.

What are my options? A longer and/or higher shifter lever? I think if it gets too high, it's going to be strange during downshifts.

I really want to keep these boots!
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JT... I know what you're saying. I have a a few pairs of steel toed work boots that I wear... one set that I wear all the time on the bike aren't bad, but one pair is just like that.

You just get use to swinging your toe out farther to get it under.

More over, you have to do that, till at least you get the boot broke in. That will help more than you think.
You should post a pic of them or a link so other can learn what you're talking about...
Yeah they sure look "stellar"
Ok...let me clarify... they look "lunar" (sp?)
jeeps84 said:
Did you make a thread in the F/S section?
Good should do that too!
Free shipping... that's a good move to help.... :luck:
1 - 6 of 24 Posts
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