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Icon or Joe Rocket..

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Gloves that is!! :D

Was out at Action Motorsports this morning, stopped in to pick up a couple plastic pop rivets for my underfairing that I've been needing..and we were looking at gloves. I was going to pick up a pair of icon street gloves, but they didnt have xxl, and the larege was just alittle too snug..on sale for 25.00 ..then I saw the joe rockets for like um 39.99 I think it was. they had them in my size, but not the color I wanted. I just couldnt win today in there..

what would you choose icon or joe rocket ?..I like the icons alot, and the price is better than the rockets..will probably go back on monday and see if they have any more...

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You know what ones I like. Go with the Rocket. Thoses gloves kick arse. Very comfortable. I may have to pick up a pair soon.

However, and I am sure everyone will agree with this. Get the gloves that are going to feel the best on you and the most comfortable. No need to get something that looks good but you are not comfortable wearing. :dthumb:
Need4Speed750 said:
trying to find the right combination of fit/price/protection...

Lets put it in this order... Protection being the most inportant. Fit and comfort second. And then Price. You need your hands so best to get the best overall for them. If not, who else is going to slap me in the back of the head when I do something stupid.

Cue Carrie in 3...2...1...SLAP! :lol:
SpeedRags look nice and all but I am going to have to stick with the jacket I am getting. Joe Rocket has some nice gear. What do you think of it??

click here
Need4Speed750 said:
you're turning into one of those wannabe's...all the gear & stickers..but no track time... :smash:

Well. I am going to have to strongly disagree with you on this one. I would love to get to the track but before I do, I want to be sure i have the right gear. I know Twisty would agree with me on this and anyone else who rides at a track. If I fall and need to slide, I want to have something to save the skin on my arse.

And isn't it a requirement to have full gear before they will let you on the track?? I think YES.

FYI there are no stickers on my bike that weren't there when it was made.

No. I just don't need being labeled as something I'm not. Thats all. :wink:
Nice site Matt for the New Enough. I am looking in to getting the Suzuki Race jacket and its $499.00 but they have it for $399.00. Now I can use that other $100 for Boots or Pants. I'll be set by the time Deals Gap comes around. :dthumb:
1 - 6 of 32 Posts
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