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Icon or Joe Rocket..

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Gloves that is!! :D

Was out at Action Motorsports this morning, stopped in to pick up a couple plastic pop rivets for my underfairing that I've been needing..and we were looking at gloves. I was going to pick up a pair of icon street gloves, but they didnt have xxl, and the larege was just alittle too snug..on sale for 25.00 ..then I saw the joe rockets for like um 39.99 I think it was. they had them in my size, but not the color I wanted. I just couldnt win today in there..

what would you choose icon or joe rocket ?..I like the icons alot, and the price is better than the rockets..will probably go back on monday and see if they have any more...

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Nice site Matt for the New Enough. I am looking in to getting the Suzuki Race jacket and its $499.00 but they have it for $399.00. Now I can use that other $100 for Boots or Pants. I'll be set by the time Deals Gap comes around. :dthumb:
I guess I'm going against the grain here. I like the ICON's. you can also get a great deal on suzuki jackets on ebay. I picked mine up there
yeah, newenough has great stuff at excellent prices..really like dealing with them!!

Im going on monday to pick up pair of gloves...might just go with the icons, unless they've got some new deal out then, so we'll see... I like joe rocket stuff ALOT..but can't be those prices on the icons that are out there at action motor sports..
ShanMan14 said:
You can add a "Type R" sticker to any bike to gain at least 5 HP. Everyone knows that?! I don't believe anyone that says they have no aftermarket stickers. :bash: :D
I have no aftermarket stickers on my F4i and I am working to repaint and have NO STICKERS of any kind on my bike
Originally Posted by ShanMan14
You can add a "Type R" sticker to any bike to gain at least 5 HP. Everyone knows that?! I don't believe anyone that says they have no aftermarket stickers.

I thought the number on the stickers meant thats how much HP you gained by putting them on ? :lol:

BTW..since its better to have a gauntlet type as well as normal street riding gloves, im gonna go out tomorrow and pic up the icons at action, then look for a gauntlet pair for christmas.
Icon makes a good product. I have quite a bit of Icon gear. You just have to keep in mind that Icon's target market is street riders. Thier gear is made for the street. You won't see any of thier jackets with zip around closures for fitment to pants. In fact, I don't think they even make leather pants.

That being said, by far the best jacked I have ever owned was the Intersport Honda Racing jacket that I gave away this morning. You can buy them all day long on Ebay pretty cheaply.

Gloves, well, I have several pairs from several manufacturers. I always seem to go back to my Alpinestars. I do plan on purchasing a pair of Icon Barrier gloves for the coming winter, tho.
my icon super dutys are really comfortable and good enough for street riding (look good too). unfortunately there is a separation between leather and elastic on the right hand about an eighth to a quarter of and inch long, and hasnt grown since i noticed it a few weeks ago. nobody i know has had this problem, just me. so inspect them first if you get em. MY gloves may be an isolated occurance.
I have Joe Rocket Riding Leathers, and they work great for me! I dont wear full leathers all the time mind you, only on real long and/or hard rides. But always with a jacket.

The JR's seem to hold up very well, even in a semi-recent low side I had. I was very pleased with the quality of the product holding up to the cement. :eek:

I have a pair of JR gauntlet style gloves, but had a heck of a time trying to find the size when I got them. They fit a good size smaller than the icons do.
Need4Speed750 said:
OK, maybe I'll just pick these up....... :eek: ummm..yeah ok, I can get a new can for my bike for the cost of these gloves!!!!

Dude, I just got these gloves, not in the gold, but titanium. If you like to have a sense of humor(or you like mad-max) and you want the ability to punch a side mirror off cars who cut you off, then this is the glove for you dude. :bash:
hey i got the black titanium short timax gloves, there gloves fit small, i hat to get an xl and usually i get a large and it was hard to get on and fit like spandex but the xl is more comfortable
Need4Speed750 said:
Gloves that is!! :D

I picked theses up a few months ago... and I REALLY like them...really... they are comfortable and that even keep my hands warm when it's cool... so I have to +1 for Icon
Matt, check out the speedrag gloves we have on our site and in our newsletter. These are some of the best made gloves for the price. Unreal! They are also coming out with four new models at the beginning of April.

Also, check out this new line we just brought in. We don't have all of their products on our site yet, but look at their site.

Awesome stuff! Great prices (not the ones on their site, though) The prices on their site are retail price.

-- Laura
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