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I'm a sinner!!!!

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:leaving: Yep, hopped the bike to head to church and realized I was going to be wayyy early so thought I would hit a few fun rodes...well 150 miles later I realized I was appreciating God's wonders a little too much and missed church. Sure was a great ride though :angelhap:

Did notice after getting on it a couple times it was jerking real bad when shifting at high rpm's..I'm thinking it's time to tighting the chain a bit. Brings me to a question (yes, after posting I will immediatly hit the search button and look around but hey I already started so get over it). Can I just clean the chain with a little gas, toothbrush and a rag?
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thanks all, sounds like the WD40 and the wife's toothbrush. :dthumb:
hooters_on_two_wheel said:
LOL just dont let the wife find out!!! If my husband ever did that, I would SOOOOOO kick his a$$, pregnant or not! :bash:
Your husbands pregnant :scratch: weird!!! :rofl:
Makes for a way more interesting story the other way :lol:

btw, notice your in Terre Haute, I spend alot of time there, actually just rode back from there a couple days ago. Maybe I'll see your pregnant husband around sometime :seeya:
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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