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I'm back

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Hi everyone. :seeya:
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Welcome, but who could ever know if anyone goes anywhere as long as N4S and DJ are around! As long as their here there is so much postwhorin around here that we can't miss anything but some free time!
I haven't postin too much lately....too much complaigning for my taste!!
pickle.of.doom said:
I think its starting to get better now Gas, the further we get away from the godforsaken election!! :smash:
I think you're right but we'll have to see...
Yeah but the streets of D-town are alot tuffer...just ask my man Eniemen!
Need4Speed750 said:
the streets of d-town have nuthin on the streets of downtown york PA :rolleyes: :lol:
SHIET!!! I think not!!! But MP will straighten you out on this!!!
Some people just don't get how cool D-town is while still being a ruff city. Not to mention, that us D-Town peeps don't take any shiet from people!
1 - 6 of 28 Posts
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