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Im your Honda guy.

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If you have any questions on your Honda, let me know. Ill try to help you the best that I can.
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I need a radiator fan for 99 CBR900rr... what years are compatible?
I have a pair of wheels I need help IDing. I was told they were from a 600rr... no idea what year tho. They are the same style as my 99 900rr but the front wheel has smaller rotors. I was going to use it but figured I'll sell them instead.

I'm working on pics of the front wheel but attached are the rear pics.

Here's the specs:

Front Wheel:
Yutaka rotors
Rotors measure: 295mm OD, 58mm ID
It is a 17"
Tire on it is Continental Contiforce 120/60ZR17
Axel measures 148mm
Axel sleeve measures 114mm
Same style as rear wheel pictured

Rear Wheel:
Stamped as 17x5.00
Axel sleeve measures 181mm

Can anyone verify these are from a 600rr?
What years would they fit?

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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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