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Vanessa (my wife) and I and a bunch of our neighbors went to the IMS show at the Donald E. Stephens center last weekend. I got a chance to look at the new Sprint ST in person. I love the underseat exhaust, but I don't think I'll be upgrading this year. My wife fell in love with the Triumph America. She may sell her Vulcan 500 this Spring so she can finally keep up with the big boys! :D

We're already a pretty crowded Triumph neighborhood already. I have a Sprint ST. My neighbor down the street has a Rocket and a Trophy. His wife is purchasing an America. My neighbor across the street has a Tiger for which he traded his 1970 Bonny.

Man, I'm itching for a long ride. We we out for a bit last weekend on some Dual-Sports braving the cold.

I'll have to post some pics from the show once I get them uploaded! :thumbs:
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