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Guys, I was wondering if I could ask you for a little help.

I have a product called the Helmet Hook that I invented a few years ago. It's a small business but it helps me with some extra income. However, this quarantine is killing my business and if things don't pick up, I will lose my house and become homeless.

Last year, I posted in some bike groups on Facebook and sold quite a bit. Then all of a sudden, sales completely stopped. Couldn't figure it out at first but it happened just as the quarantine started.

Anyway, long story short and all that. I was hoping that I could get you guys to spread the word for me on your social media accounts.
Of course, if you also want to buy a helmet hook, that would be awesome but I'm simply asking for a bit word spreading.

I always get some people when I post hatin' on the helmet hook but that is always from people that have never heard of it or tried it. I have amazing reviews and out of the few thousands hooks I've sold, I've only had fewer than ten customers wanting to return the helmet hook.

Please check it out at and also look at my testimonials. I have lots more but I figured those were enough.

I've also put up a discount for you to use.
Last year I gave $3 from every helmet hook I sold to Australian animal rescues. I was really saddened when I saw the video of the Koala bear that crossed the road to get away from the forest fire, only to SIT in a fire :(

You have two options. If you use the discount code ForumDiscount, you get $3 off and if you choose NOT to use it but leave me a message at check out that you want the same amount going to a rescue, I will send them that money.

Also, always looking for resellers or distributors worldwide.

I can also set up a forum discount if you guys are interested.

Thank you

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