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Iowa riders - See inside (Des Moines)

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I just got my first streetbike today (02 yamaha FZ1) but i dont have anyone to ride with. My brother has a bike also but hes in the process of trying to sell it. Does anyone know of any "biker hangouts" or rides or anything?

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:welcome: Capt D! :sorry: these guys are jacking your thread!

Bull you have no idea what you're talking about! You NEVER ride 110% when riding in a group! Just plain STUPID!

Let's see what else were you way off based about.... :scratch:

If you roll up onto a group... they are going to get offended if you try to dust them and they are going to want to show off!!! UM NO!!! :bonk:

The only you said that was right... was that you should be comfortable with yourself and your riding, before you try to ride with a group!

:sorry: Bull but you are just wrong and have no idea :wtf: you are talking about when it comes to group riding!
But you're spewing falsehoods! mean Daniel Son's uncle bruce? :lol:
130 :screwy: Life is just starting at 130. I'll hit 130 to merge onto the h/w... :D

Seriously, I showed DJ all about that when we went to PA last fall!

The best is when you turn around at 130-135 and look back like where is everybody! :lol:
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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