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Iowa riders - See inside (Des Moines)

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I just got my first streetbike today (02 yamaha FZ1) but i dont have anyone to ride with. My brother has a bike also but hes in the process of trying to sell it. Does anyone know of any "biker hangouts" or rides or anything?

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well get some practice on your own before you ride with anyone.....we are guys and egoes set in no matter what anyone says no one whants to get dusted and people you dont know that you might ride with wuill proly whant to show off a bit........if you are comfortable ..... then find a group ...... i am lookin for people to ride with too .... i only know of two guys to ride with and i prefer to ride with only one of them so i need more pople lol :dthumb:
well i am sticken to my theiory..... i will not get to far behind...i will pyush 110 percent to keep up.....and if i rode with others before i had the skills to keep up then i might have low or high sided in the twisties :nonod: maybe it is imaturity ???? but hey everyone has there ideas........ :thumbs:
jeeps84 said:
:withstupi :welcome: :twfrox:
Just let them know that you are a new rider and don't go faster than you are comfortable going. :luck:
yeah thats the idea but do you whant to slow down a group of guys you dont know ???? you will end up pushing hard.....well i at least would ..... but good luck dude :thumbs: :twfrox: :twfrox: :twfrox: :twfrox:
Gas Man said:
:welcome: Capt D! :sorry: these guys are jacking your thread!

Bull you have no idea what you're talking about! You NEVER ride 110% when riding in a group! Just plain STUPID!

Let's see what else were you way off based about.... :scratch:

If you roll up onto a group... they are going to get offended if you try to dust them and they are going to want to show off!!! UM NO!!! :bonk:

The only you said that was right... was that you should be comfortable with yourself and your riding, before you try to ride with a group!

:sorry: Bull but you are just wrong and have no idea :wtf: you are talking about when it comes to group riding!
dude **** you i was giving my oppinoin i dident say anyone else was wrong...... :nonod:
sorry :sorry:
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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