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Iowa riders - See inside (Des Moines)

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I just got my first streetbike today (02 yamaha FZ1) but i dont have anyone to ride with. My brother has a bike also but hes in the process of trying to sell it. Does anyone know of any "biker hangouts" or rides or anything?

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bulldog said:
well get some practice on your own before you ride with anyone.....we are guys and egoes set in no matter what anyone says no one whants to get dusted and people you dont know that you might ride with wuill proly whant to show off a bit........if you are comfortable ..... then find a group ...... i am lookin for people to ride with too .... i only know of two guys to ride with and i prefer to ride with only one of them so i need more pople lol :dthumb:
I disagree with that....You should ride with someone to start out with. Just in case something goes wrong, you have someone there to help you out, also It is always easier to follow someone elses lead, and learn from the other riders. Once you get some experience under your belt you will do fine. Besides I find it alot more fun to ride with others, everytime I go ride by my self I think it gets boring after a while.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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