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Is 600 Katana good first bike?

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I am going to take a motorcycle biggener class in few weeks. I am looking to buy a used sportsbike and brand new gears.
Is a used Katana 600 a good beginner bike? or is it too powerfull for a beginner?
What do you think of Moto GP motorcycke gears brand? They are a little pricy, but I don't mind to pay more for more protection and quality.

How much in general I should spend on gears (helmt, gloves, jacket, pants, boots)? is $1000 too much?

I don't want to go crazy and buy too expensive gears that ment to be for racers, however I want to protect my body as much as possible.

All your comment are appreciated.
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First off :welcome: JOhnE1000 :twfrox:

As far as a Katana for a starter bike, they are great bike to start out on. I just got into the sportbike scene and I am currently run a 2000 Kat 600. It's small enough to forgive beginner mistakes, and powerful enough to keep you running with the other bikes on the road.
As far as gear, I'm with everybody else on this one, you never can be too safe. You don't have to go out and buy the most expensive gear, however that being said also don't spring for the cheapest either. Ask around in the forum on what other guys are using, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to help you out.
As far as me I run Gmax helmet, Joe rocket phoenix jacket (works nice cuz it has the removeable liner for the hot days, and warm enough for the cool morning rides) and I wear joe rocket leather gloves.
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