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Is 600 Katana good first bike?

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I am going to take a motorcycle biggener class in few weeks. I am looking to buy a used sportsbike and brand new gears.
Is a used Katana 600 a good beginner bike? or is it too powerfull for a beginner?
What do you think of Moto GP motorcycke gears brand? They are a little pricy, but I don't mind to pay more for more protection and quality.

How much in general I should spend on gears (helmt, gloves, jacket, pants, boots)? is $1000 too much?

I don't want to go crazy and buy too expensive gears that ment to be for racers, however I want to protect my body as much as possible.

All your comment are appreciated.
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Katana 600 is an excellent first bike, even though it is a Suzuki :puke:

but hey we all have to start somewhere right?


Helmet - $150-$200 - HJC is a good mix of quality and price - don't buy a cheap helmet unless you don't care about your dome

Pants - Icon Recon, Draggin Jeans = $100 - good mix of safety and comfort plus you can wear them to the local diner and not look like a jackass or YMCA freak wearing chaps or some shiiit

Coat - depends - hot weather you can get like a Phoenix or Speed Rag for around $100 - mesh and vented for cooling on a hot day. Regular coat like a Joe Rocket can be purchased for under $200 - can be used on hot or cold day - good mix - hot day it is ok and colder days through on long johns or a sweatshirt underneath - I am talking a textile jacket - leather jacket you can get a good deal on those as well if you look around

Gloves - anywhere from $30-$200 depending on what you want - don't forget the gloves because if you go down you will regret it

Boots - over the ankle - you can use hiking boots I got mine at Meijer for like $30. You can save the racing boots for the track and I don't think you really need them for street riding
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vdaily89 said:
I bought mine 4 months ago as my first bike and I really like. More than enough power for a beginner and much more forgiving than most sportbikes. It is kind of heavy, but you'll like that on the windy days.
yeah Gasman knows all about windy days...
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