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Is 600 Katana good first bike?

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I am going to take a motorcycle biggener class in few weeks. I am looking to buy a used sportsbike and brand new gears.
Is a used Katana 600 a good beginner bike? or is it too powerfull for a beginner?
What do you think of Moto GP motorcycke gears brand? They are a little pricy, but I don't mind to pay more for more protection and quality.

How much in general I should spend on gears (helmt, gloves, jacket, pants, boots)? is $1000 too much?

I don't want to go crazy and buy too expensive gears that ment to be for racers, however I want to protect my body as much as possible.

All your comment are appreciated.
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First off let me start with,

Welcome to TWF. Glad to see you found a hot growing forum for all your needs. You will get info about the gear in question from many who have personal interest in this as well and can give you good guidence.
As far as the Bike. A kat 600 would be awesome for a beginner bike. But it is not just for beginners so respect it. You seem to be focused on saftey and the Idea of you taking a course shows your are a little serious on your well being. If the price is right and the bike is up to snuff I say yes on the Kat. Dont get in a hurry to put someone on back though. It may get lonely riding as a nubee but putting someone else on the back is just to risky. It changes the entire handle of the bike. Be patient pay attention and Please come here for any tips that might keep you upright and safe. I have 25 years riding and I frequent this site to get one more tip if necessary to have a better safer ride next time. Good luck and stick around.
We can learn from you as well. :dthumb:

:cheers: :welcome:
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