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Islamic Marriage Site????

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Looking to enter Nikah? Well now is your chance with the official Islamic Nikah Search website. Now you too can randomly select your lifelong partner over the internet. This is not a dating website, this is a select your future islamic spouse website. If you read the page, it literally says NO DATING. Seriously, I don't know if this makes me laugh more or scares the **** out of me more. This is one creepy website.

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This is similar to arranged marriages in India. Arranged marriages arent as creepy as it seems, usually the parents meet first, ensure that the families are compatible financially and socially (thats HUGE in India) the engaged parties then meet or correspond either by phone or writing. Surprisingly though, the divorce rate is only 3% in India.

the purpose of this website is not to play around or find friends, but for those who are serious about getting married. thats what it means by no dating or friendship.

To each their own. I wouldnt slander it though, it just may not be your cup of tea..
bumblebee said:
Notice that none of the people on that site live in what I consider to be Islamic countries, except for the teacher from Pakistan??
That is usually the case, If you lived in an Islamic country with tens of thousands of other Muslims theres no need for the website.
snadamo said:
Not going to slander it. All I know is that its different :yesnod:
True indeed, and im sure that no one on this forum would.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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