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Its Football Season

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Hell Yeah...the NFL is back and kick off is today!!!
IM ready!!! :here: :here:
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actually yes i was...hands were sweaty, heart was racing, blood pressure was probably up as well..but hey..if I aint watching the Steelers :thumbs:
ShanMan14 said:
You mean he'd rather watch the Steelers than post here? :skep:
Well you know, as per my sig, its all about Bikes, Steelers & KISS..and since I can only see the boys on TV for about 3 hours, on sundays, I set aside time for if there is a nice ride to be had during that time, I'll tape it. :redmc:
Welcome to the NFL, Rookie!!! :lol:
GSXR750DJ said:
hey I tried asking you to go ride and you were to busy. I see how you are.A$$-tard. hehehe We better ride tonight. :)
yeah, I actually like spending some time with my other half now and then.. :bash:
KP01F4i said:
I know that I AM! :D
Rock on!! :thumbs:
double2000r6 said:
Yeah so the Steelers got lucky yesterday. Raiders will prevail when it is all said and done. Oh yeah AFC championship snowbowl the Raiders are beating the Pats and omg it is an incomplete pass NOT a fumble - what a crock of sheit.. I had to pick a team as far away from the Lions as possible so I went to the best team of all - Oakland. If you want I will buy you a ticket when the Steelers play them in Oakland IF and only IF you wear your Steelers jersey into the stadium.. LMAO..


oh yeah..its on double... I go into Philly, Baltimore, everywhere, and wear my Steelers stuff loud and proud!! :D

we damn near lost that game yesterday though :mad:
TO is a head case...and not the answer you all think he's going to be...your defense is way to suspect!!!
Pigface1 said:
I don't think the Eagles will be in the Super Bowl, but T.O. is the best receiver in football by a large margin, IMO. He and McNabb are going to light it up. . they've only played a couple games together and it's already like they have ESP. lol
Listen to the man, he speaks the truth, yeah they'll light up and both will most likely hit hawaii too, in Feb...but remember, offense wins games, Defense wins championships!!
Steelers vs. Ratbirds this weekend..I'll be there!!! Time to kick some purple arse!! :bash: :cursin: :rant:
1 - 10 of 29 Posts
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